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9 teachers mourned for participating in Pabna boat campaign

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In Pabna-3 constituencies (Chatmohar, Bhangura, Faridpur) 9 teachers have been reprimanded by the election inquiry committee for participating in the election campaign on behalf of the boat candidate. It is known that many of these teachers will perform various duties in conducting the 12th National Assembly elections.

On Thursday afternoon, the head of the election search committee formed for Pabna-3 seats and the joint district and session judge Md. Tajul Islam confirmed the delivery of the letter of condolence. He sent condolence letters to each of them separately this morning.

The mourners are – Assistant teacher of Bhangura Motherbaria High School. Alamgir Hossain, Assistant Teacher of Sultanpur Government Primary School. Hasanuzzaman Swapan, private teacher of Khanmrich Government Primary School. Abdul Sobahan, private teacher of Chakdigar Government Primary School. Rafiqul Islam, public teacher of Chandipur Government Primary School. Mizanur Rahman, Sultanpur Adarsh ​​High School private teacher. Shahidul Islam, private teacher of Pukurpar Idea High School. Ziaur Rahman, the head teacher of the same school Roshan Ali and Mandtosh lower secondary school teacher Md. Farooq Ahmed.

The letter said, ‘You (you) being a teacher have been openly campaigning for the Awami League nominated member of parliament candidate Maqbul Hossain in support of the boat symbol since the announcement of the election details. In this regard, the main agent of the individual candidate for parliament (truck symbol) Md. Abdul Waheed filed a written complaint against the undersigned. In the wake of that on-site investigation the allegations against you (yours) regarding vote solicitation including direct campaigning in favor of the boat emblem as a teacher engaged in republican work have been immediately apparent.

Which is a pre-election irregularity. Your (your) actions constitute a violation of Rule 14(2) of the Rules of Conduct of Political Parties and Candidates in Parliamentary Elections within the jurisdiction of Constituency Pabna-3 (Chatmohar, Bhangura, Faridpur) on the occasion of the 12th National Assembly Elections, 2008.

You are directed to appear in the private room of the undersigned at 11 a.m. on December 31st next December 31 to explain in writing why you (you) should not be taken legal action for such violation.

In this regard, Abdul Hamid Master, an independent candidate of Truck Pratik, said, “Since the beginning of the election, the supporters of the boat have been violating the code of conduct one after another. They are threatening and beating my people at various times. My election office is being vandalized and posters are being torn down. Among them are teachers. Who will be in charge of conducting the election in different ways on the polling day. If such a situation continues, questions will arise about fair elections. I have given a written complaint to the Election Commission and the administration seeking help in these matters.

No comment was received even after contacting the boat symbol candidate Maqbul Hossain several times over the phone to get a statement on the matter. He did not get a response even after sending a message with the identity of the journalist.

Roshan Ali, the headmaster of Pukurpar Ideal High School, one of the accused and the assistant presiding officer in the election, said, ‘I have not received any such letter yet. One might complain conspiratorially. These allegations are not correct. Got the charge of Assistant Presiding Officer in Elections, but the center has not been allotted yet.


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