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85 maunds of jatka seized from trawler in Meghna

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The district task force seized 85 maunds (3,400 kg) of jatka from a trawler in Meghna river in Chandpur. However, they could not arrest anyone in the trawler at that time.

The jatkas in the wooden trawler were seized from a place called Haimchar Ishanbala in the district last Sunday night. The trawler loaded with jatka was heading towards Ishanbala from Hijla police station in Barisal district.

Chandpur Sadar Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer who participated in the campaign confirmed the matter. Tanjimul Islam. He said that around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the district task force members from the Chandpur district headquarter went on an expedition to the Meghna river. One of these teams raided the Meghna Estuary area. Another team raided the Jatkas along with the tollers from Ishanbala and brought them to the Coast Guard Chandpur station. But the owner of the Jatkar in the trawler escaped.

Then at 10:30 pm at the Coast Guard Station, in the presence of Executive Magistrate Akhtar Jahan Sathi of the Chandpur District Commissioner’s Office, the seized jatkas were distributed to the local orphanage.

The fisheries officer also said that earlier, 1 lakh 20 thousand meters of current net and 5 kg of jatka were seized in the operation of the district task force in the Meghna estuary area from 4 pm to 8 pm. At night, the confiscated jatkas were distributed to orphanages and the nets were burnt. Members of the Fisheries Department, Naval Police and Coast Guard were also present in the operation.


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