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80 arrested for child sexual abuse in France

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About 80 people have been arrested in France for child sexual abuse in a week. Among them are a local councilor and two school teachers, the country’s police said. The news agency AFP reported this news.

51 people arrested in this incident appeared in court. 13 of them have been sentenced to prison. Another 38 are under court supervision. The rest have been released for testing.

Quentin Bevan, the regional police commissioner, said on Saturday that the arrested were between 30 and 60 years old. Adults had regular contact with children. The police conducted raids and recovered more than 1 lakh videos and photos stored on their computers or hard drives.

One teacher had photos and videos stolen from her students, Bevan said. Several other children were allegedly raped.

Bevan said some of the crimes involving child abuse were extremely violent. In addition, children were subjected to sexual activities or sexual abuse by animals.

The arrested persons admitted to them the allegations of such incidents while in police custody. Among them, two teachers, several sports coaches and a monitor of an institution working with disabled children were arrested.

Bevan said the disability center monitor had been accused of rape ‘decades ago’. But he was allowed to change his identity. As a result, he was able to communicate with the children again.

“We’re not just talking about virtual images,” said Martin Brause, head of Voice of the Child. But many children are victims of rape and many are victims of torture and brutality.

The Ministry of Interior has said that the investigation is continuing.


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