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8 people died in a strong earthquake in Japan

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A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck the Noto region of the Sea of ​​Japan on Monday. So far 8 people have been reported dead in that earthquake. Apart from this, many houses have been destroyed. It is feared that many people are trapped under the rubble of destroyed houses.

The British media BBC reported that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 struck around 4 p.m. local time on Monday. However, the US Geological Survey agency USGS reported that the magnitude of the earthquake that hit Ishikawa Prefecture in the Nato region of Japan was 7.4.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said yesterday that a 1.2-meter tsunami hit the town of Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture shortly after the earthquake. A more dangerous tsunami could hit the coast of Japan within 300 meters (190 miles) of the epicenter.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning at the same time. According to the agency, under the influence of tsunami, the current of water can reach a height of up to 5 meters. Because of this, people have been advised to move to higher ground or the top of nearby buildings as quickly as possible.

According to the BBC report, thousands of people gathered to spend the night on the beach yesterday at the beginning of the new year. They were ordered to move to higher ground when the earthquake struck later.

However, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said the tsunami warning had already been withdrawn by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

After the earthquake, the Japanese military began rescue operations. They started providing food, water and all the shelter equipment. The country’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida assured the general public that the rescue work has started after the earthquake.

Kishida also said that many roads were damaged by yesterday’s strong earthquake. Many buildings have collapsed. Due to this, the rescue team of the army has to speed up to reach the spot.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said that the US is ready to provide necessary assistance to Japan.


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