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76 candidates of Japa withdrew from the election

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Voting for the 12th National Assembly election is next Sunday. This time, 265 candidates of Jatiya Party (Japa) have been candidates in various constituencies of the country. However, when the counting of the polls is going on, several leaders of the party have announced to withdraw from the elections.

However, despite the announcement of boycotting the general seats, none of the party left the field in the 26 seats left by the Awami League.

As of Wednesday, 76 candidates of Langal have informed the Jatiya Party to withdraw from the election. They told the general secretary of the party about the lack of financial capacity and unfavorable political situation. However, even if these candidates refrain from campaigning, their names will remain on the ballot.

The general secretary of the party, Mujibul Haque Chunnu, says that many people are reporting that the party does not have financial capacity. However, as they could not meet the expectations, they are withdrawing on their personal decision.

Japa General Secretary said, ‘I will say one thing to those who are withdrawing from the election, there is pass-fail in the election. Election is a challenging game. We have not assured financial backup to those candidates who are coming from our party. But it would be better if you could give it.’

However, JPA Chairman GM Quader disagrees. He says that some people are withdrawing from this vote to put the party in trouble. He urged everyone to be patient in the field.

JAPA Chairman said, ‘Now many people may not be able to cope economically due to various reasons or the environment is not good or they are facing various threats. Many of them want to step aside for whatever reason.’

GM Quader said, ‘We have no objection to those who want to step down. But at the time of withdrawal, the people who are withdrawing by giving a statement in front of the television saying some reasons, I think it falls into the level of disorder. Some of this may be intentional.’

Awami League has released 26 seats to Jatiya Party as part of political settlement. Some leaders of the party also say that the candidates of the remaining seats feel neglected. It is said that the candidate of any seat left by Awami League did not leave the polling field even though he withdrew from another seat.


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