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700 workers sick after eating Christmas dinner

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France’s Airbus Atlantic authorities organized a dinner for employees on the occasion of Christmas, the biggest Christian festival. And more than 700 workers of the company got sick after eating this dinner. This information was reported by the BBC with reference to the French health authorities.

ARS, the regional agency investigating the sickness of Airbus Atlantic workers, said the workers were suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea. It is not yet clear what was on the menu for the pre-Christmas feast. Airbus authorities did not immediately agree to comment on the matter.

The dinner was held last week. But the matter came to light last Friday. It did not detail exactly which food was at fault, causing so many people to become ill. An investigation has been launched to find out the source of the food poisoning.

Airbus, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, has 134,000 employees worldwide. The company provides products and services to aircraft, helicopter, defense, aerospace and security related industries. Airbus Atlantic is a subsidiary of them. The company has 15,000 employees in five countries.

Airbus authorities told the BBC that not 700 people, but about 100 of their workers have fallen ill. In a statement, Airbus said it is cooperating fully with ARS authorities to find out what caused this incident and to ensure that such incidents never happen again in the future.


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