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7 years ago Argentina will be punished Brazil, or a bigger punishment?

by Afonso
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The board’s administrative complications have turned into court, as a result of which the Brazilian court removed Ednaldo Rodríguez from the position of head of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) yesterday. The court also ordered to cancel the election in 2022 that Rodríguez won as the president of the CBF and hold a new election within 30 days. But after this verdict, fears have arisen about the future of Neymar-Vinicius in international football.

Generally, FIFA does not want to see the interference of the government or administration of a country in the football federation of that country. There are various punishments for such cases. Even that football federation may be banned from international football. After Ednaldo Rodríguez was removed by the court in Brazil, he also raised fears around Brazil.

However, the Brazilian press Globoesport estimates that the measures taken by FIFA in the case of the Argentine Federation (AFA) in 2016, may be the same in Brazil this time.

According to GloboEsporte, the court ruling and the expulsion of Rodriguez are being investigated by CONMEBOL, the governing body of football in the Latin region, while FIFA is investigating. According to the rules of both organizations, government or administrative interference in a country’s football federation is not desirable. After the decision of the Brazilian court yesterday, CONMABLE and FIFA sent letters to the Brazilian federation.

According to Globoesporte, if FIFA and CONMABLE find evidence of undue interference by the government or administration in the football federation, there will definitely be administrative penalties. Globoesporte drew the example of FIFA’s punishment in the case of Argentina’s federation in 2016 in the context of how the punishment can be.

Argentina’s federation fell into a political crisis of service, which was resolved by a vote. But as a result of that vote, the trouble – 75 voters’ vote resulted in a 38-38 tie! FIFA then intervened in the Argentine Football Association, appointing a ‘Naturalization Committee’ to the AFA.

In the case of Brazil, there will be no such thing, or the ban may add to the fate of the Brazilian federation, that decision may come after a few days.


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