Home Business 65 Bangladeshis who died in December in Saudi Arabia have received Tk 33 crore.

65 Bangladeshis who died in December in Saudi Arabia have received Tk 33 crore.

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In December 2023, the families of 65 dead Bangladeshis have collected 33 crore rupees and sent them to the country. This information was given by the ambassador of Bangladesh in Saudi Arabia. Mohammad Javed Patwari.

The ambassador gave this information in a discussion meeting organized at the Bangladesh Embassy in Riyadh on the occasion of National Expatriate Day 2023.

On the occasion, Ambassador Mohammad Javed Patwari congratulated Bangladeshi expatriates in Saudi Arabia and praised them for their contribution to the national economy. He urged the expatriates to come to Saudi Arabia by inquiring about work and acquiring the necessary skills in related professions.

National Expatriate Day 2023 is being celebrated for the first time under the initiative of Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment. ‘The welfare and dignity of expatriates is our pledge; This day is being celebrated with the theme ‘They are also equal partners in building Smart Bangladesh’.

In the discussion meeting held at the auditorium of the embassy, ​​the ambassador expressed gratitude for the various initiatives taken by the expatriate-friendly government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the welfare of the expatriates. Moreover, to recognize the contribution of expatriates to the national economy, he expressed sincere thanks for declaring the National Expatriate Day on December 30 every year.

The ambassador said that so far about 1 crore 25 lakh migrant workers are engaged in employment abroad. About 2.4 million Bangladeshi diaspora people living permanently in various countries of the world including Europe and the United States are also contributing to the development of the country. Migrants sent remittances of USD 21.61 billion in FY 2022-23. During the same period, remittances of $3.07 billion were sent from Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh, which is 16 percent of the total remittances. However, there is an opportunity to send more remittances if skilled workers are hired from Saudi Arabia at a higher rate.

Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Javed Patwari said, ‘Bangladesh Embassy is working on the education and technical skills development of the staff. An agreement regarding the implementation of Skills Verification Program (SVP) was signed between the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) and Takamol for Business Services Company approved by the Saudi government on 27 September 2022 through the mediation of the Bangladesh Embassy. Under this agreement, after passing the examination from Bangladesh in 29 professions, they can work in Saudi Arabia with higher salary with the skill certificate given by the Saudi government. Moreover, those who have aspirations of higher education but could not complete their studies can increase their educational qualifications by taking part in SSC, HSC and degree examinations through the open university under the initiative of the embassy.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia has been selected as the host country for the World Expo in 2030 and the FIFA World Cup in 2034, which has created extensive employment opportunities for skilled workers in the construction, cleaning, maintenance, tourism and hospitality sectors. By acquiring skills from Bangladesh, you can actually get respectable work and several times more salary in Saudi Arabia. As a result, by sending remittances at a higher rate, you can contribute more to the development of your family, area and country.

Ambassador Javed Patwari said, ‘Financial assistance for the treatment of sick workers, repatriation of dead workers abroad, and up to three lakh taka are being given to the families of dead workers. ‘Expatriate Worker Bima Scheme’ has been launched to cover travelers going abroad. Technical training centers located in different parts of the country are conducting various skill development programs to make the workers skilled to face the challenges of the global labor market. Bilateral communication and signing of memorandum of understanding have been undertaken for the opening of new labor markets in various countries including the Middle East and Europe.

The Ambassador inaugurated the Special Service Week by the Embassy on the occasion of National Expatriate Day. He urged the expatriates to seek the services of the embassy for any problem in Saudi Arabia or Bangladesh. Moreover, he instructed the embassy staff to be more diligent and careful to provide the desired services to the expatriates with a smile.

The ambassador also said, ‘An agreement has been signed with two Saudi law firms at the initiative of the embassy to collect the outstanding salaries and dues of Bangladeshis who died in Saudi Arabia. The family of the deceased expatriate worker has already started getting the benefits.

The ambassador expressed optimism that ‘the expatriate brothers and sisters will make Bangladesh economically strong and shine the image of Bangladesh in the world through their efficiency, honesty and patriotism’.

At the end of the discussion meeting, prayers were prayed for the happiness, prosperity and peace of all expatriate Bangladeshis and the whole country.


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