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64 people buried after 8 months of death

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The process of burial of 64 people who died in last May’s conflict in Manipur, India has started. According to a report by the British media BBC, their burial has started on Friday. Through this, 64 people are being buried after about 8 months of death.

The bodies of the victims were handed over to their families in Manipur on Thursday. Of these, 60 were Kuki and four Meitei people.

The Meitei community has been in conflict with the Kuki and Naga communities since early May. So far, more than 182 people have been killed and hundreds of people have been injured in the conflict. Many have become homeless.

On November 13, the country’s home ministry extended the existing ban on eight Meitei extremist organizations under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and declared them as ‘unlawful organisations’. Among these banned groups was the UNLF.

Home Minister Amit Shah paid a 4-day visit to Manipur, India, on May 30, the day after 10 people were killed in continuous violence. During the visit, he held one after another meetings with various quarters to restore peace and stability in Manipur.


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