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6 dead, 3 missing in Australian storm on Christmas Day

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Six people were killed in severe storms and lightning in Australia on Christmas Day. Three people are missing. Thousands of families are without electricity in many areas. Officials of the country said that rescue operations will continue on the east coast of Australia on Wednesday.

Earlier on Monday and Tuesday, it hit the eastern states of Victoria and Queensland.

The news was reported by the news agency Reuters.

Victoria and Queensland, meanwhile, said severe storms and lightning struck eastern provinces on Monday and Tuesday. It brings hail, strong winds and torrential rain. The storm flooded rivers and strong winds blew off the roofs of many houses. Trees were uprooted in some of the worst affected areas.

Six people were killed in the storm and lightning. Among the dead are children and women. Two missing after boat capsizes just south of Green Island near Brisbane. Police are continuing to search for them.

Gympie Mayor Glenn Hartwig told the media it was “very sad news for families in the area during the religious festival of Christmas.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Kevin Walsh said rescue operations will continue throughout the day on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology still issued some minor flood warnings in the eastern provinces and predicted more rain.

Queensland’s state-owned Energex said on Wednesday about 86,000 households remained without power after the storm. It has damaged more than 800 power lines. It also caused severe damage to the network. It has been reported that it will take several days to fix this situation.

It is to be noted that earlier this month, Cyclone Jasper hit the country. It caused flooding and extensive damage in Queensland.


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