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573 women were victims of gang rape in one year

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In 2023, a total of 573 women were victims of rape and organized rape across the country. Among them, 33 people were killed after rape and 5 people committed suicide after rape. 129 people were victims of attempted rape. Among them, 3 people were killed after attempted rape, 3 people committed suicide due to attempted rape.

This information was presented at the press conference of Law and Arbitration Center (ASC). Like every year, this year AASK organized a press conference titled “Human Rights Situation 2023: Observations of Law and Arbitration Center (AASK)” on the basis of information collected from various dailies and own sources throughout the year on the human rights situation in the country. held at

The press conference was attended by Chairperson of Law and Arbitration Center (ASC), human rights activist Senior Advocate ZI Khan Panna, Executive Director Farooq Faisal, Senior Coordinator Abu Ahmed Faizul Kabir, Coordinator Tamanna Haque Riti, ASC Executive Committee member Roshan Jahan Parveen and various electronic And print media journalists.

Farooq Faisal, Executive Director of Law and Arbitration Center (ASC), delivered the main report at the press conference. The report provides specific recommendations on various human rights issues from January 1, 2023 to December 30, 2023.

According to the report, like last year, there have been incidents of violence against women including rape, sexual harassment, family violence, arbitration and fatwas. At least 142 women have been victims of sexual harassment and harassment this year, according to data from the Data Protection Unit of the Law and Arbitration Center (ASC). 122 men were tortured and harassed while protesting these incidents. This year 12 women committed suicide due to harassment. Apart from this, 4 women and 4 men were killed while protesting sexual harassment and harassment.

Apart from this, a total of 507 women have been victims of family violence this year. Out of which 292 people died due to torture and 142 people committed suicide. It should be noted that 479 women were victims of domestic violence in 2022. On the other hand, a total of 142 women were tortured for dowry in 2023. Among them, 64 women were killed after physical abuse and 6 women committed suicide.

In 2023, 32 women domestic workers were victims of torture. Among them, 6 people died due to physical abuse, besides 1 person died mysteriously. On the other hand, 10 women have been victims of acid throwing this year.


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