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55 people died in the snowstorm in America

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In the past week, 55 people have died in America due to winter storms and snow. Millions of people have been affected by adverse weather conditions. The British media The Guardian reported this information in a report.

For the past few days, cold air has been moving from the mid-western part of Canada towards the United States. Added to this are snowfall and winter storms. 55 people died in 10 American states. New York roads could be covered in snow later this week, it has been warned. In addition, residents of Memphis and Tennessee have been told to boil enough water.

Since last Friday, New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC have been experiencing heavy snowfall. The country’s National Weather Service said that the situation is unlikely to improve next week.

Most of those who have died in the past week have died of hypothermia and road accidents, according to The Guardian. These accidents occurred due to heavy fog, storm and snowfall. 19 people died in Tinas alone.

Local residents said that water pipes have broken in many places due to severe winter. Because of this, the local authorities have asked about 4 lakh consumers in the region to boil water and drink it. They even suggested using boiled water for brushing teeth. If boiling water is not possible, local authorities urge the use of bottled water.


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