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50 injured by dog ​​bites in Sherpur

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Half a hundred people of five villages of two upazilas of Sherpur were injured by the bite of a mad dog. This incident took place from 9 am to noon in five villages of Kalspar union of Gazirkhamar and Nalitabari upazila of Sadar on Monday. Many of the injured are undergoing treatment at the District Headquarters Hospital.

Relatives of the injured said that on Monday morning, a dog started running around abnormally in the Ghazirkhamar area of ​​Sherpur Sadar and Kalspar area of ​​Nalitabari. At one point the dog started biting everyone it came across. After that, the dog ran away when the locals chased it. He went there and bit and injured 50 people, including elderly women, men and children. Later, local residents rescued the injured and brought them to the district headquarters hospital.

Helal, a relative of the patient, said, “When my grandmother went out of the house, a mad dog came and bit her. 50 more people have been bitten in our area.’

Another patient’s relative Solaiman said, ‘My father went to work in the fields. Bitten there. I did not get the vaccine when I came to the hospital. 4 people bought it from the shop and then went to the hospital and took it.

Rokeya, who was bitten by a dog, said, ‘I am walking outside the house. Then the dog bit Aisa. I came to the hospital without vaccination. Dohan thaikka kinna niya deon lagtacha.’

Meanwhile, many expressed anger over the lack of dog bite vaccine at Sherpur District Hospital.

Supervisor of District Headquarters Hospital Dr. Jasim Uddin said that at the moment our hospital does not have the vaccine for dog bites. But the supply will arrive next week. Then they can be officially provided with vaccines. But now 4 people are buying the vaccine for 600 taka, we are giving it.

Jasim Uddin also said that many people are coming to the District Sadar Hospital for being injured by dog ​​bites. Those whose condition is serious are being admitted to hospital.


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