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5 UGC’s no for private university admissions

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) has denied admission to five private universities in the country. Also, the students have been asked to be careful in the admission of 29 universities that do not have a vice-chancellor. If admitted to these universities, students may face various complications. This information has come out in the latest report of UGC.

There are 114 private universities in the country. 103 of them are operating. There are allegations of irregularities against many universities. Of these, 29 private universities do not have a vice-chancellor appointed by the president. These universities are not complying with UGC’s repeated instructions.

UGC Secretary Ferdous Zaman said, according to the conditions of UGC or Ministry of Education, they should come to their own campus within a certain year. They should be taught in this manner. Those who cannot, will be lost. The government will be forced to close those educational institutions.

According to the latest UGC report, the charters of America Bangladesh University and The University of Comilla are not valid due to various violations including not having any approved campus, expiry of permit. Victoria University of Bangladesh has closed the admission of new students. And Central University of Science and Technology has a conflict with the Board of Trustees. UGC has also given warning for admission in these universities.

The UGC secretary said, ‘We will publish the position of any university on the UGC website. Which subjects are allowed? As we have done this warning in the past, we will do the same this year.’

The private university association says that if the law is not followed, it will support the measures taken by the UGC. But it is more effective if the decision is made through discussion.

Vice President of the Private University Association Professor Abdul Mannan Chowdhury said that for the purpose of good governance, there is an urgent need for representatives of private universities in various committees of the UGC or elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Grant Commission has called to check whether the desired department has approval for admission to the universities or not – that too on the UGC website.


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