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5 tips for hair growth in boys

by Afonso
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Experimenting with boys’ hair has now become part of the latest fashion. From hair gel to hair color, boys do not hold back from anything. Still, about four out of ten suffer from hairfall problems. There is no way to pass things off as natural. All hair problems can be solved by following a few things. Here are just 5 tips for hair care hacks.

1. Do not smoke if you want hair growth
Smoking has become a style statement for many youngsters now. But this habit of yours is causing great damage to your hair. This prevents proper blood flow to your head. As a result, the roughness is getting worse. You can also lose hair growth. Using a comb increases the blood circulation of the scalp, along with proper hair growth. Regular smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing to your head. Hair growth is disturbed.

Deficiency of water can cause problems like hair growth and hair loss.  Photo: Freepik

2. Drink water to maintain hair growth
Not only hair fall, proper amount of water in a day also solves your skin problems. So everyone should drink enough water throughout the day. Deficiency of water in the body can cause problems like hair growth and hair loss. So drink at least three liters of water a day. And if you feel boring to drink water, you can also eat fruit juice.

Green tea will reduce hair loss.  Photo: Freepik

3. Green tea will increase hair growth
Many people drink green tea regularly to maintain their fitness. But green tea is also world famous for keeping your hair healthy. Green tea is especially beneficial in reducing hair loss. But do not eat. Take hot water in a medium cup, add two teabags in it. When cold, apply on the scalp. After 8-10 days of use, the hair will benefit. Your hair loss rate will decrease.

Aloe vera can be used directly if desired.  Photo: Freepik

4. Aloe vera will prevent hair fall
Aloe vera has great properties to prevent hair fall. Applying aloe vera before bathing 3-4 days a week will keep the hair free from pollution. As a result, hair fall will be reduced. Along with that gray-hair problem will be reduced. Aloe vera can be used directly if desired. Take aloe vera leaf jelly and mix it with a little water and keep it in the fridge for a day. Then you can apply it on your hair 30 minutes before showering.

Onion juice is effective in hair growth and new hair formation.  Photo: Freepik

5. Store onion oil
Onion contains a lot of antiseptic properties. This onion juice is effective in hair growth and new hair formation. Apart from this, the sulfur present in onions prevents hair fall, hair breakage and premature hair fall. Onion juice helps maintain the proper pH level of the hair. Provides nourishment to hair. Therefore, the density of hair increases in a very short time. 3 days a week before going to bed, lightly apply onion oil on the head. You will see the difference within a month.


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