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5 Secret and Mysterious Places in the World

by Afonso
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There are many places in the world where you can never go even if you want to. It is not even known what is going on there and why so much secrecy. Let’s know about some mysterious places, which have always remained elusive to common people.

Area 51
People around the world are still in a frenzy over Area 51, located in Nevada, USA. It is primarily a military base and one of the most secure areas in the world. Outside its area, the entry of general public is completely prohibited over a large area. But what is done there? It is believed that America’s largest scientific experiments and secret researches are all conducted from here. The base is used for the manufacture of weapons, advanced warships and fighter aircraft. However, a large part of the world’s people believe that there is research on aliens. Many claim that aliens have been contacted from here through waves.

Rough Menwyd Hill
It is one of the most amazing and secret places in the world. Over the years, this place has been known as a great mystery to the common people around the world. Intelligence agencies are also confused about Raf Menaid Hill. This is no ordinary mountain. One of the most protected secret hills in the world is located in Yorkshire, England. There is a British military base here, from which all the UK’s secret intelligence operations are run. Many believe that it is not only providing intelligence support to England, but intelligence information is also provided from here to the ally America. It is surrounded by such a high level of security that it is not easily breached. It is believed that the world’s largest electronic monitoring station is located here. From here it is possible to monitor all telephone and wireless communications of many countries. Raf Menwad Hill is accused of providing intelligence information to various countries in exchange for money.

Room 39
Room Thirty-Nine may sound like a room, but it’s actually a secret organization. Its headquarters and organization itself is considered one of the most mysterious in the world. It is a secret organization of North Korea. Established in 1970, Room Thirty-Nine’s activities and its wanderings are still unclear. But according to conventional wisdom, its activities are carried out in the utmost secrecy under the supervision of the North Korean state. But no one is aware of the purpose of this organization. It is a mystery to the North Koreans themselves. According to various intelligence agencies, this secret organization is involved in many big crimes in the world. This organization is believed to have released fake American dollars in the world market. However, there was no evidence of the involvement of Room Thirty-Nine behind this dollar.

Moscow Metro 2
Moscow Metro 2 is the world’s largest underground city located in Russia. But its existence has not been acknowledged by the Russian government so far. The surprising thing is that a whole city but no one knows who lives here and how. Since many of the Russian covert operations are conducted from here, the Russian government would not want them exposed to the world at all. This underworld city is believed to have been built during Stalin’s reign. And from here the Russian intelligence agency FSB conducts all their activities.

Ice Grand Shrine
Ice Grand Shrine is the most secret and sacred place in Japan. It is believed by many to have been built in 4 BC. No one except the Japanese royal family and priests could enter here until today. But why so much secrecy? According to historians, many old valuable documents of the erstwhile Japanese empire are hidden there. Researchers believe that many aspects of world civilization and history would have been different if the Ice Grand Shrine had been opened to the world. But that is absolutely impossible. Because no ordinary person can enter this holy place. Members of the royal family and priests can enter here following certain rules. This shrine is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years. And in this case too, strict security and confidentiality are adopted.

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