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5 out of 6 therapy machines are broken in cancer hospital

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Emergency medical radiotherapy for cancer patients. But the National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital are not getting the radiotherapy serial even after 3 months. As 5 out of 6 therapy machines are broken, the patients suffer no end. The process of buying two machines was not completed even in a year.

Abu Bakr is tired of cancer. The body is not doing well. Been going for weeks for radiotherapy. Many patients like him wait in front of the National Cancer Research Institute’s radiotherapy room. As 5 machines were destroyed, many people are returning from outside Dhaka. Most of these patients cannot afford therapy in private hospitals.

A patient who came for treatment said that he gave therapy for two days last week. But the remaining 5 days were not given. Not given earlier this week.

Another patient said, we come from far away by renting a car. But you have to come back again.

There is a shortage of radiotherapy machines in this government hospital for more than a year. As a result, the serial number of service candidates is getting longer every day.

The National Cancer Research Institute is able to give radiotherapy to a maximum of 100 people a day due to the breakdown of the machine. But more than six hundred people are waiting for service. Authorities say the hospital needs at least 7 radiotherapy machines.

Director of National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital Professor Nizamul Haque said these machines are expensive. Each machine costs 20 to 30 crore rupees. Still they are being given to us by the government. Arrangements are being made. There is a method to these things. The machines will not be filled overnight.

Radiotherapy is used to destroy cancer cells. If the therapy is not taken on time, there is a risk of cancer spreading in the body.


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