Home News 5 families want to get back the right to live in their house

5 families want to get back the right to live in their house

5 families want to get back the right to live in their house

About 25 members of 5 families of Dayarampur village of Macchar Union of Faridpur Sadar Upazila are living like nomads after being evicted from their homes for almost two years.

Their houses were evicted and looted with a false case based on a death in a land related incident. The opponents caused a loss of around 2 crore rupees by looting the tin, fence, window, door and furniture of the house.

On Saturday afternoon, the five family members organized a press conference to regain the right to live in their home.

Helpless 5 families are – Md. Haroon Sheikh, Sahid Sheikh, Liaquat Sheikh, Zahid Sheikh and their nephew Sachhu Mridha family.

Harun Sheikh’s daughter Nachreen Akhter read a written statement at the press conference. In that speech, he said, the opponents are Akkach Sheikh (40), Sakhawat Sheikh (35), Wahab Sheikh (60), Salam Sheikh (62), Manj Sheikh (27), Nurul Islam Tulu (35) and Anwar Khan (50) of Dayarampur village. , Abul Kalam (50), Kaushar Molya (21), unknown 10/15 others attacked my father Haroon Sheikh and female members of my family along with my name and 4 other families with a false case and tried to kill them.

Nashrin Akhtar said, ‘By doing this, our family members run away from home to save their lives and take shelter in relatives’ houses. After driving us out of our house, the opponents ransacked the houses of our settlement in the night and looted all the goods including tin wood. Goods worth about two crore rupees were taken and caused damage. A few houses were set on fire. Due to the fear of the defendants, they are currently not able to live in their respective homes for almost 2 years. I am not able to cultivate about 30 bighas of family land. Some lands are forcibly occupied by the defendants.’

The victim's family wants to return to their homes

Nashrin Akhter also said that currently approximately 25 members of our 5 families are suffering from insecurity due to the fear of the defendants. We can build new houses in our respective settlements and live in peace and enjoy life by cultivating and weaving crops in our agricultural land. I am appealing to the government, administration and journalists for that.

Haroon Sheikh also spoke at the press conference. He said, ‘We had a dispute with our cousins ​​over our family land for a long time. Arbitration and lawsuits are ongoing.’

It is to be noted that on August 30, 2022, Fupato Bhai Mohammad Sheikh, Vajte Akkas Sheikh, Sakhawat Sheikh Harun Sheikh fought over the land. In that incident, Mohammad Sheikh was injured by a stick and died three days later while undergoing treatment at the hospital. As a result of this incident, the five victim families were evicted from their homes and looted.

Meanwhile, journalists and local residents were present in the press conference organized in addition to all the members of the 5 families.