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5 bodies recovered from a building near Paris

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Police recovered five bodies from a building in Moy, northeast of Paris, the French capital. These bodies were recovered from a flat in that building on Monday evening. BBC reported that the police recovered the bodies of a woman and her four children from that flat. However, the reason for this murder is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors have started a murder investigation based on this incident. The local judicial police service is investigating the incident, government law officer Jean Bautista Blasier confirmed to French media. One person was arrested in this incident on Tuesday.

The city of Moy is 40 km from Paris. The dead bodies were recovered by the relatives when they reported to the police. There was no vandalism in that flat. And the 33-year-old father is absconding. Police are looking for that person. It is believed that it will be possible to reveal the mystery of this death only if he is arrested.

Recently, there have been several cases of infanticide in the vicinity of Paris, France. A 41-year-old man in the southeastern town of Alfortville surrendered to police late last November after confessing to killing his three daughters, aged 4 to 11. In October, a policeman killed his three daughters in Vemers, Valdez, and committed suicide.


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