Home News 4 lakh primary teachers have not been promoted even in 13 years

4 lakh primary teachers have not been promoted even in 13 years

4 lakh primary teachers have not been promoted even in 13 years

400,000 primary school teachers have not been promoted even in 13 years. Although the decision was made, the post of senior teacher was not created. Besides, the teachers are extremely unhappy because the grade disparity is not removed. Education researchers say, if this situation continues, it will not be possible to attract talented people into teaching.

There are 65 thousand primary schools in the country. Of these, 28,000 schools have head teacher vacancies. He was finally promoted to the post of head teacher in 2010. Since last 13 years no promotion is being given to this post.

Elementary assistant teachers are paid in 13th grade, and head teachers are paid in 11th grade. Salary of assistant teachers in 11th grade and salary of head teachers in 10th grade was decided 5 years ago but it has not been implemented.

Anisur Rahman, President of Bangladesh Primary Teachers Society said, ‘Despite having graduate, masters and DPE training, we primary school assistant teachers are getting salary in 13th grade. Primary teachers are having a hard time getting paid at this grade in the current market price situation.’

Education researchers say that it is difficult for teachers to live on such a small amount of money. There is also the question of dignity. That’s why many talented people come to this profession and go to other professions.

Shah Shamim Ahmed, Associate Professor of Education and Research Institute of Dhaka University, said that the salary scale should be determined in view of the current socio-economic conditions. The non-implementation of the announcement of promotion is an undesirable event.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education says that the 10th grade attainment of head teachers is suspended due to the case. However, work is going on to increase the salary of assistant teachers.

Watch the video:Farid Ahmed, Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, said, ‘The government must take into consideration the maximum scale or facilities that need to be provided within the proper rules and regulations and will do so sympathetically. As the case is pending in the court, we will take the necessary decision only after the case is settled.’

Researchers say Bangladeshi teachers are the lowest paid in South Asia. It is one of the obstacles in the way of ensuring quality education.