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37 teachers were dismissed for holding a meeting in favor of boats

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In Madaripur-3 (part of Kalkini-Dasar and Sadar) constituencies, 37 teachers have been relieved of their duty due to a meeting with the teachers assigned to the polling station. On Tuesday, Sadar Upazila Election Officer Nanni Khan exempted these teachers from all responsibility for the election.

This meeting was held at the residence of Member of Parliament Shajahan Khan, who is a candidate for the boat symbol of Madaripur-2 (a part of Rajouri and Sadar) constituencies, at around 9 o’clock on Monday morning. Sadar Upazila Chairman, UP Chairman were also present in this meeting. A video of the meeting went viral on social media.

In a 3 minute 3 second video circulating on social media, Obaidur Rahman Khan, younger brother of Shajahan Khan, chairman of Madaripur Sadar Upazila Parishad and former naval minister, is speaking to the teachers in the polling station in Madaripur-3 (part of Kalkini-Dasar and Sadar) constituencies. Shajahan Khan himself was sitting next to him.

Obaidur Rahman Khan was heard to say, ‘Your beloved leader Shajahan Khan has been instructed by the Prime Minister to focus on the three (Madaripur-3) constituencies and to campaign for three (Madaripur-3). As such, we are performing more responsibility over the three (Madaripur-3). Three of you (Madaripur-3) will perform the duties in that way. If I can elect my Golap Bhai in three (Madaripur-3). Then Daday (Shajahan Khan) and Golap Bhai can bring stability to Madaripur for a long time.’

Several teachers, who did not want to be named, said that the upazila chairman suddenly called us to his house after talking about the meeting about the election. He is the president of our Madaripur Sadar Upazila Teachers Association. The meeting was supposed to be held at the Upazila Parishad. But instead of that, the meeting was held at the house of MP (Shajahan Khan).

In this regard, the supporter of Tahmina Begum independent candidate of Madaripur-3 seat and the general secretary of Kalkini Upazila Awami League Toufikuzzaman Shahin said, ‘The nominated candidate of Awami League of Madaripur-2 seat Shajahan Khan is trying to act as presiding and polling agent with the teachers and officials of his constituency. As 5 Unions of Sadar Upazila fall in our Madaripur-3 Constituency. So he is trying to question the election by extending his influence there. We have already filed a written complaint with the Election Commission so that no person from Shajahan Khan’s constituency should be appointed as presiding and polling agent. And on December 26, all the teachers who had a meeting at Shajahan Khan’s residence are all Shajahan Khan’s workers. If they perform any duty in the election, they will question the election there. Therefore, if they are removed from their duties and polling and presiding officers are appointed from elsewhere, I hope the election will be acceptable.’

In this regard, Upazila Primary Education Officer Masud Karim said, ‘Our district sir has mourned all those who were in that meeting. Sir can say good about this.’

District Election Officer Ahmad Ali said that as soon as the matter came to the attention of the returning officer, the district primary education officer was informed and asked to investigate and give a clear explanation within the next 2 days. At the same time, the concerned teachers have been exempted from the responsibility of selection.


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