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36-hour meeting on AI, proposed legislation

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European Union (EU) officials have agreed in a meeting to legislate on the use of artificial intelligence (AI). A tentative agreement on this law was recently proposed. After 36 hours of continuous meeting, everyone agreed on that proposal. Next year there will be a vote on this.

According to the British media BBC, if implemented, this is going to be the first full law on AI. The European Union Parliament will vote on it early next year. However, before 2025, there is no law on this. Only then will it be possible to bring technologies like ChatGPT and facial recognition fully under the law.

However, in the meantime, the US, UK and Chinese governments are moving towards faster legislation on AI. It is believed that these countries will become laws before the European Union.

The EU proposal for this law states that AI can never come into conflict with the European Union and its various law enforcement agencies. It should provide users with an opportunity to complain and provide penalties for breaking the law.

Describing the plan as ‘historic’, EU Commissioner Thierry Breton said, ‘This law will be absolutely clear. It will be slightly different than other laws. Through this, we can actually advance the competition of AI in the world.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says AI will never take away people’s security and rights. Rather, it will be possible to further advance this technology through legislation.


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