Home News 31-year-old Sadio Mane’s wife is really 18? Maner’s father-in-law replied

31-year-old Sadio Mane’s wife is really 18? Maner’s father-in-law replied

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner at Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr, Senegalese forward Sadio Mane recently got married. The wedding date of the former forward of Liverpool and Bayern Munich is not known exactly, but it is said that the wedding took place on January 7.

However, after the news of marriage, there was a lot of discussion-criticism-debate on the social media about Sadio Mane’s wife Aisha Timba’s age. It is said in many news that Timba is 18 years old. His age difference with Mane is probably the reason for so much discussion. Moreover, at the time of the news of the marriage, the two were once school friends – raising doubts about Timba’s age as stories spread.

How old is Mane’s wife, the answer was now known from Mane’s father-in-law. Aisha’s father Amadu Timba confirmed that Aisha is indeed 18 years old. Amadu Timba said that Mane and Aisha’s marriage was arranged by the two families in accordance with social customs, saying that the marriage was an ‘arranged marriage.’

Amadu Timba told Universe Info TV, a French YouTube channel, that Aisha met Mane two years ago, ‘My wife and Aisha went to their (Mane) family function once, where they both met for the first time. He (means) may have seen something special in my daughter, his parents also praised my daughter. They came and met me. We discussed everything according to the social norms, took all the decisions, and waited for this day since then.’

One of the reasons for waiting for this day is probably Aisha Timba’s age. A similar hint can be found in the words of Amadu Timba. However, Amadu Timba said Mane and Aisha were not romantically involved, saying, ‘They did not date, because Aisha was a minor at the time. Now he is 18 years old. They met two years ago.’

Amadu Timba, a wealthy contractor by profession, has worked with Mane and his family on various projects since 2013.

It means that he is running for the national team after getting married. The African Cup of Nations kicks off tomorrow in Ivory Coast, with reigning champions Senegal’s first match on Monday – against former Bangladesh coach Tom Saintfit’s current team Gambia.


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