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30 MPs ‘dismissed’ in one day in India

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30 Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) have been suspended for displaying placards inside Parliament. Protests by the opposition in Parliament (Lok Sabha) began on Monday demanding Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement on the security breach in Parliament last week. Speaker Om Birla suspended them due to this.

These MPs were expelled from the Lok Sabha in the current winter session. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury of Congress is in this list. The winter session of the Lok Sabha will continue till December 22. According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, these MPs will not be able to attend the session until then.

Anandabazar, another media outlet in India, says that the opposition MPs started talking about the security measures of the new Parliament building in the midst of the Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech. Loud shouting started in the parliament room. Speaker adjourned the proceedings of the meeting at 2:45 PM, then until 3:00 PM. Even after that, 30 members of Parliament were temporarily suspended as the situation did not come under control. Among them there are 9 people from Trinamool Congress.

Earlier, 13 MPs were suspended from Parliament recently. There were 9 people from Congress in that list. This decision was taken by Speaker Om Birla due to the fact that placards were displayed inside the Parliament and offensive words were used at that time.

Earlier on December 13, the Tulkalam incident took place during the winter session of the Indian Lok Sabha. Two young men jumped from the audience of the Parliament of India. Then they took it out of the shoes and sprayed special chemicals and filled the surroundings with smoke. The opposition demanded the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in this incident.

Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about it on Sunday. He expressed concern over the incident and demanded punishment for those involved. However, as Amit Shah’s speech was not received, the opposition appeared in Parliament with anti-government placards on Monday. At one time they started showing them.


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