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285-year-old lemons up for auction

by Afonso
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Auctions of various rare and scarce products have been heard of, but this is probably the first time that a small lemon has been auctioned. The incident happened in Shropshire, England.

The lemon found behind an old cabinet drawer is 285 years old, reports WPI. It fetched $1,780 at auction. However, the information to whom it was sold is not known.

A 19th-century cabinet was recently auctioned off by Shropshire-based auction house Brattles. The family who auctioned it said it belonged to a deceased relative. An expert finds the lemon in the back of a drawer while photographing a cabinet for sale. The lemon was inscribed, ‘Given by Mr. P. Lou Franchini to Miss E. Baxter the 4th of November 1739.’

After receiving the lemon that was so many years old, the auction house decided to auction the lemon. Surprisingly, its price goes up to 1 thousand 780 dollars. The concerned officials were also shocked by the high price of lemons in the auction. Meanwhile, the cabinet sold for just $40.


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