Home News 258 cases of violence against women and children reported in January: MSF

258 cases of violence against women and children reported in January: MSF

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In January 2024, 258 incidents of violence against women and children took place. Which is 11 less than December last year. In January, there were 31 cases of rape, 14 gang rapes, 2 cases of rape and murder. Among them, 5 disabled children and teenagers were raped.

The information is presented in the ‘Human Rights Situation Monitoring Report January, 2024’ sent by human rights organization Human Rights Culture Foundation (MSF). MSF recently sent this report to the media. This report is prepared every month by analyzing data from various newspapers on behalf of MSF.

According to the report, the incidence of violence against women and children such as: rape, gang rape, sexual harassment, suicide and domestic violence, especially physical abuse, in the month of January in the country was slightly less than the previous months, but it was very worrying. The strong action that law enforcement agencies are supposed to take against violence against women and children was not visible in crime prevention.

Among the 31 rape victims in January, 8 were children, 14 were teenagers. 5 teenage girls were victims of gang rape and 2 children were victims of rape and murder. 13 cases of attempted rape, 16 cases of sexual harassment and 24 cases of physical abuse have occurred. During this time, a total of 59 people including 2 children, 23 teenagers and 34 women committed suicide.

According to the report, 1 child and 3 women were abducted in January. On the other hand, 2 children, 2 teenage girls and 2 women are missing. Apart from this, a total of 86 children, adolescents and women were killed including 1 child, 2 teenage girls and 5 women in January. Out of which 33 are children and teenagers. According to the information received from the media sources, these murders were committed due to revenge, family dispute, dowry, love affair and pride etc.

Apart from this, a total of 10 new born babies including 7 dead and 3 alive were found abandoned in different places in January, which is inhumane and reprehensible.


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