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24,000 people were killed in the Israeli attack in Gaza

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The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli attack in Gaza has exceeded 24,000. 60 thousand 800 people were injured in the aggression that lasted for more than three months.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is gradually intensifying. The risk of food shortages and diseases is increasing. In this situation, the United Nations has urged to increase humanitarian aid in the valley.

Incessant Israeli attacks have led to water shortages in refugee camps in Gaza. Even if there is some shelter, the unsanitary environment and acute water shortage are increasing. In this situation, diseases are gradually increasing in the shelter camps.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard destroyed an installation in Iraqi Kurdistan in response to an attack on Gaza. The armed forces claimed that the facility was used as an office for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

On the other hand, the Houthi rebels have launched a missile attack on a cargo ship owned by America in the Gulf of Aden in Yemen regarding the Gaza issue. After this incident, the United States has warned about shipping in the southern part of the Red Sea.


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