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24 crore PCs will become useless

by Afonso
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Microsoft plans to end support for the Windows 10 operating system. If this plan is implemented, about 24 crore personal computers will have to be destroyed, according to the study. This information is known in the report of the news agency Reuters.

According to this study by market analyst firm Canalys Research, the estimated weight of electronic waste generated from these PCs is 480 million kg, which is equal to 320,000 cars. While many PCs have the ability to remain functional for several years after the operating system ends support, Canalys warned that demand for those computers could drop due to a lack of security updates.

However, Microsoft recently announced a plan through which security updates will be provided to Windows 10 operating system devices for an annual fee until October 2028. If Microsoft’s A package for Windows 10 is priced like it was in the past, it could be profitable for users to migrate it to a new PC, Canales says. However, many older PCs may have to be discarded. As a result, electronic waste will increase. Canalys says there is a need to focus on creating more durable, repairable and reusable devices and software to reduce electronic waste.

Tech giant Microsoft has decided to stop supporting Windows 10 by October 2025. The next generation of operating systems for PCs will incorporate artificial intelligence or AI technology. It also has the potential to boost sales in the sluggish PC market.

Meanwhile, Microsoft did not immediately comment to Reuters on what kind of impact it will have on the environment if the devices incompatible with Windows 11 are sent away.


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