Home News 220 tons of hotel removed with 700 soap!

220 tons of hotel removed with 700 soap!

by Afonso
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Nowadays thanks to technology it is not a matter of moving hundreds of tons of heavy objects from one place to another. But so the whole house! Even with the help of 700 soap!

UPI reports that recently, 700 soaps were used to remove an entire 18th century house in Nova Scotia, Canada. The video of this incident has gone viral. And the netizens were surprised to see that.

The house was built in 1826. Later it was converted into a hotel. The name is Victorian Elmwood Hotel. The house is scheduled to be demolished in 2018. At that time, a construction company named Galaxy Properties came forward. They buy the historic house. The entire hotel weighing 220 tons will be moved elsewhere.

A house is usually moved with the help of rollers or other devices. But in this case, the hotel was quickly moved with his help by spreading 700 soaps. Two excavators and a truck help in this work. Sheldon Rushton, owner of the construction company, shared a video of the hotel being moved on social media. Sheldon said that such initiatives were taken to keep the Victorian architecture intact and preserved.


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