Home News 2 UPDF workers killed in Sajeke firing by terrorists

2 UPDF workers killed in Sajeke firing by terrorists

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Two UPDF workers were killed by terrorists in Brijpara of Machalong of Sajek in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati.
This incident happened on Sunday around 2 pm. Sajek UP Chairman Atulal Chakma confirmed the truth of the incident.

Sajek police station OC Abul Hasan said that the two victims were drinking tea at a shop near the bridge of Machalong Brijpara on Baghaihat Sajek road. At that time, four gunmen in white clothes came and shot the two and ran away. UPDF members Dipayan Chakma and Ashish Chakma were killed on the spot. Police recovered two bodies.

UPDF has blamed JSS core party for this incident.

UPDF Rangamati Coordinator Sachal Chakma said Deepayan and Ashish Chakma went to Brijpara for organizational work. There four armed men of JSS ambushed and fled.

However, JSS has denied the allegations.


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