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2 more leaders of Awami League got their candidature back

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Two more Awami League leaders have regained their candidacy in the 12th National Parliament Election. After canceling the candidature in the Election Commission (EC) and the High Court, they got their candidature back in the Chamber Judge Court on Tuesday.

Awami League candidate Shamim Haque in Faridpur-3 constituency and Enamul Haque Babul in Jessore-4 constituency have returned.

Appellate Division Chamber Justice M Inayetur Rahim declared the nomination of Shamim Haque and Enamul Haque valid on Tuesday. He ordered to suspend the order of the High Court and give them an opportunity to elect.

Earlier on Monday, the High Court ruled to uphold the cancellation of Shamim Haque’s candidature on the charge of dual citizenship. The High Court bench headed by Justices Iqbal Kabir and Moniruzzaman gave this order due to dual citizenship.

Shamim Haque’s candidature was rejected at the Election Commission’s appeal hearing on Friday due to dual citizenship. He filed a writ petition in the High Court against that decision.

Earlier, independent candidate of Faridpur-3 constituency AK Azad and Awami League candidate Shamim Haque filed counter-appeals in the Election Commission seeking cancellation of each other’s candidature. Both of them were accused of dual citizenship. Shamim Haque claims that Azad is an American citizen. And AK Azad claims that Shamim has the citizenship of the Netherlands.

Later, the Election Commission declared the candidature of AK Azad valid and canceled the candidature of Shamim Haque as the allegations were not found to be true.

Earlier, the Election Commission canceled the nomination papers of Enamul Haque Babul, a candidate for Jessore-4 (Bagharpara-Abhaynagar) Constituency, on the charge of default. There is a complaint in this regard against Rumman Traders at Janata Bank Nawapara branch in Jessore. Its owner is the president of the upazila Awami League and candidate for boat Enamul Haque Babul.

After receiving the nomination of Awami League on November 26, Assistant Manager of Janata Bank Plc Nawapara Corporate Branch. With the help of Imran Hossain Shamim, the Deputy General Manager at the bank’s head office sent a letter to the CIB department.

In that letter, the Credit Information Bureau (CIB) applied for a six-month moratorium on Enamul Haque Babul, a defaulting borrower of the bank, from participating in the elections. A copy of the case filed against him was also attached to the letter.

Anichur Rahman, Senion election officer of Jessore, said that banks and other organizations had already been given letters for cooperation in these matters. After all the checks, the Election Commission has taken action as per law.

Meanwhile, the High Court suspended EC’s decision to cancel the nomination papers of Awami League candidate Major General (retd) MA Salam in Mymensingh-9 seat. He regained his candidacy.


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