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2 leaders of the Workers’ Party are worried about winning despite being sailors

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Two leaders of the Workers’ Party are worried about winning despite being sailors. Barisal-2 and Rajshahi-2 constituencies have been left by Awami League as alliance partners. They are still uncomfortable. Because even though the Awami League nominated candidate withdrew, the independent candidates of the same party did not leave the field. They are saddened by this strategy of Awami League.

Awami League has released Barisal-2 seat to Rashed Khan Menon, the president of the coalition partner Workers Party in this election as well. Party candidate Talukder Md. Even though Yunsu stepped down, two other Awami League leaders AK Faizul Haque and Monirul Islam are still in the field. Alliance candidate Rashed Khan Menon is worried about getting the boat symbol.

Rashed Khan Menon, the alliance candidate in Barisal-2 constituency, said, ‘There is a problem. That is, while the Awami League is giving me a boat, another member of the Awami League has made an independent election. This created a dispute within the Awami League. With us, conflicts arise with alliances. It is a problem.’

Meanwhile, since 2009, Rajshahi-2 seat has been occupied by Sharik Workers Party. Even after being in power for a long time, Awami League did not get any MP from the party. Awami League leaders are also deprived this time. Awami League leaders believe that this will affect local politics.

Rajshahi Metropolitan Awami League General Secretary D.B. Sarkar said, ‘We did not get three times in a row, this time we were hoping that someone from Awami League would get it. But we didn’t get it this time either. It is a disappointment in us. It will have some impact on politics. The effect of not having party MP of the ruling party will fall on politics. The political equation of Rajshahi is quite complex.

The Workers Party is also saddened by Awami League’s strategy in the distribution of alliance seats. Besides, Awami League leader Shafiqur Rahman Badsha is an independent party candidate and is uneasily supported by the alliance.

Fazle Hossain Badsha, the alliance candidate of Rajshahi-2 seat, said, ‘We expected it to be more fluent, more equitable. A justice will be done to those who have played a role in the Parliament since 2008. But in that case, some stinginess, some narrowness has been noticed.’

In this election, Fazle Hossain Badsha is the candidate of the alliance in Rajshahi-2 seat, but there are 7 candidates including Jatiya Party and Jasad.


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