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2 Awami League leaders from one family are candidates to stop Mumtaz

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In Manikganj-2 constituency (a part of Singair, Harirampur and Sadar) this time again, the three-time member of parliament, singer Mumtaz Begum, has become a candidate for boat. Several Awami League leaders have become independent candidates for the same seat against the boat. Among them are two from the same family. They are Central Awami League’s former youth and sports affairs secretary Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul and his cousin Zahid Ahmed Tulu.

Awami League leaders claim that Zahid Ahmed Tulu has himself become a candidate to make his elder brother Tutul an MP to defeat the candidate of Boat in the 12th National Parliament election.

It is known to speak with Singair Upazila Awami League leaders and workers, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu came to the public through his cousin Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul five years ago, although he once secretly supported the poor and distressed people financially. Even then he had no active contact with politics or any party position. After making Awami League leader and cousin Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul an MP, he himself has become an independent candidate of Awami League.

Discussion and criticism is going on in Manikganj-2 constituency. As there are two MP candidates in one family, common voters are in dilemma.

When asked about this, General Secretary of Singair Upazila Awami League Shahidur Rahman said, ‘A year and a half ago MP Mumtaz Begum had a good relationship with the leaders and workers of Upazila Awami League. We have simultaneously observed every program announced by the centre. After that in the upazila election Sayedul Islam did not get the nomination of the boat and a conflict arose with us. A year ago in the Zilla Parishad election, its appearance is almost. At that time, under the leadership of Mumtaz Begum, we continued to work for the boat of Awami League. On the other hand, Abdul Majed Khan and Saidul Islam took a large amount of money from Chashma’s candidate and lured some union chairmen to secretly work for the rival candidate. On the election day, I had a discussion with them in the Parishad square. Because of this, a year ago, the non-political industrialist kept chasing us with the lure of making Tulu an MP, using him as a tool.’

Shahidur Rahman said, ‘As Zahid Ahmed Tulu is not a political person, he had no acquaintance in our Singair and Harirampur upazilas. He went by the identity of his elder brother Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul. No one knows the source of his money. He is not a good taxpayer. According to our knowledge, Jamaat-BNP has a secret relationship with him. Upazila Awami League’s former general secretary Abdul Majed Khan and Upazila Awami League’s joint secretary Sayedul have put him against Awami League to question the national election. Recently, the full committee of the district Awami League has been brought by the secretary of finance in exchange of Tk 50 lakh. This information is with the central Awami League organizational secretary Mirza Azam. His dream of becoming an MP will not be fulfilled.

Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul, cousin of Zahid Ahmed Tulu, said, ‘Dewan Zahid Tulu is not a political son. He fell into a trap. Those caught are politically questionable. Those who are entering the field with Tulu, they are entering the field with an agenda, they are entering the field with a target. This target is to create conflict in the family and their greed for money. In the electoral field, Tulu is seen not as a brother, but as a rival candidate. However, the way he is spending money in the election, it is not only a loss for the Manikganj-2 seat, but it is causing a loss for the three seats of the district.’

In this regard, independent candidate Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu said, ‘Singair Upazila Awami League committee has become a family committee. Here Mumtaz is MP and President of Upazila Awami League, her niece Shahidur Rahman is Secretary of Upazila Awami League. Upazila Awami has become a hostage to his family, along with the mayor of the municipality, who is the first child of Mumtaz. Because of this, 9 of the 11 UP chairmen of Singair upazila left their company and came with me.

“That’s the beauty of democracy,” Tulu said about running against his own cousin. Because Awami League does and this is the beauty of Awami League. At first I was his election partner. Now he is doing mass communication like him, and I am doing mass communication like me. I do not do politics of any leader. I do the politics of Bangabandhu’s ideology. I do Sheikh Hasina’s politics.’


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