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2.5 billion data stolen, XO is on the list

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Hackers have stolen about 2600 crores of information at once through cyber attacks. Bob Dyachenko, the owner of Security Discovery.com, gave this information recently. It is known that these information have been stolen from various media including social media X.

Cyber ​​security researchers say that there have been very few incidents of data theft at the same time before. This is why they call it ‘Mother of All Breaches’. It will be easy for them to access other websites with these data.

According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, the identity of those whose information was stolen was not known by Security Discovery.com. However, with this data, hackers can carry out scams, cyber attacks and various malicious activities including harassing a person.

Researchers say these data theft incidents are alarming. Through this, online harassment will increase. This information seems to be quite sensitive. However, the company did not know who was involved in this hacking.

What kind of data was stolen?

SecurityDiscovery.com reports that the stolen data contains not only new information, but also a lot of old information. The most data stolen was from popular Chinese messaging app Tencent QQ. 140 crore data was stolen from this app. Apart from this, data was also stolen from Weibo, MySpace, X.

It was not directly reported that the information of the people of any country was stolen. However, it is known that there are citizens of America, Brazil, Germany, Philippines and Turkey in this list.

According to the report of Cyber ​​News, cyber security researchers say that if a user gives the same password to Gmail, he will be at greater risk. Because hackers can easily take all the information through this.


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