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18 years with a bullet in the head!

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As a boy, while returning from working in the field, a bullet hit him in the head during a clash between the two sides. After that, he was cured by first aid, but the bullet was not removed from the head. Bullets have been in the head for the past 18 years. The bullet was recently surgically removed. He survived.

This surgery was done in a private hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. According to the Indian media Times of India, a three-centimeter long bullet was found in the head of the 29-year-old Yemeni man. It was taken out after surgery last week.

The man named Saleh, father of two children, is deaf. Because of these bullets, he is in a complex problem. He even has a severe headache.

Saleh grew up with his family in a village in Yemen. His father was a farmer. He used to work in the field with his father. But an accident at the age of 10 put Salehr’s life in crisis.

Saleh was returning from working in the field. Clashes were going on between the two sides on the way. A bullet from there hit him in the head. When he was taken to the doctor, they cured him without taking out the bullet. You don’t even know that there are bullets inside.

The bullet next to the left ear went inside the ear. At one point the ear pain started. When that pain turns into a headache, it becomes difficult for Salehr to survive. Friends suggested coming to Aster Hospital in Bangalore.

For this reason, he came to India for treatment. Rohit Uday Prasad, a doctor at Aster Hospital in Bengaluru, said, ‘We can see that these bullets have gone deep into the ear. to the inner temporal bone of the head. Because of this, the surgery was quite complicated. His chances of survival seemed slim.’

Doctors do CT angiography instead of MRI. After knowing the current location of the bullet, he started the surgery. Once he was able to remove this bullet. But Salehr was bleeding profusely. Luckily survived. Even his pain was cured.


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