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17 features are being removed from Google Assistant

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Tech giant Google is removing at least 17 features from its assistant application. The company made the announcement shortly after laying off nearly 1,000 workers. This information is known in the report of Nine to Five Google.

Google Assistant can be used with voice. The tool can be found in a variety of Google products, from phones to smart speakers or home appliances. Billions of people use the Google Assistant tool.

The reason behind the removal of 17 features, the tech giant says, is that these features are not being used enough. Google claims that removing unused features will help maintain its quality and reliability and make Assistant easier to use across devices.

Google has published a list on its website with various suggestions about all the missing features. According to the list, users will not be able to access information about contacts saved on the phone with Assistant. Email, video or audio messages cannot be sent using voice. Only calls and text messages can be made. Apart from this, the detailed list of other features can be seen on Google’s website.

Google said that these 17 features will be closed from January 26. Users who search for the features will then receive a notification that they will no longer be available after a certain date. This change will come across various Google devices including smartphones, smartwatches and smart speakers.


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