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15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

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15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

INTRODUCTION How to Hack a Cell Phone

A cell phone is a portable, wireless telephone that has access to a cellular radio system. The transmitter’s span of geographical coverage is called a cell. The user can therefore make and receive calls within the telephone service area over a radio frequency link. They were originally invented in the 1940s but were not mobile.

Cell phones were initially named ‘car phones’ since they were created so that people could talk as they drove. They were rather bulky and expensive compared to modern day devices. The first cell phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher to Dr. Joel Engel. However, it was not until 1983 that the first cell phone was released to the public.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

Over the years, there have been four different cellular networks launched.

· 1G: It was first developed in Tokyo then spread to other countries like Sweden, Finland and North America in about two years. The network suffered several security issues since it was unencrypted. It used analogue transmission technologies.

· 2G: As the second generation of mobile phones emerged so did this network. Unlike the 1G network, it used digital transmission technologies. It allowed SMS communication. The very first SMS text was sent in 1993 in Finland.

· 3G: It was launched in Tokyo, May 2001. This network used packet switching to transmit data instead of circuit switching. This led to faster data transmission and allowed media streaming over mobile networks.

· 4G: Contrary to the 3G technology, it has better data optimization as well as better speeds.

The first smartphone was released in 1993 which is probably earlier than most people expected. As seen above, the cell phone technology has improved over time due to the use of wireless services and satellites. In recent time, millions of people either use android phones or iPhones.

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How are Cell Phones used?

· Making and receiving voice calls

· Functions i.e calculator, alarms

· Internet browsing

· Registering and saving contact information

· Sending and receiving messages and emails

· Video chats

· Barcode scanning

· Taking photos and videos

· Show users live location using GPS satellites.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

How Secure are Cell Phones?

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

Android devices have Google play protect services that continuously scans the user’s phone for any misbehaving applications or suspicious occurrence. Moreover, it has a Smart Lock feature that automatically keeps one’s phone unlocked. The two-factor authentication feature is not specific to android but is still a Google account security feature.

iPhone users can encrypt their backups making it less likely for data to be stolen. Additionally, one may enable the fingerprint or face scan feature to unlock their phone. The devices iOS has powerful, built-in privacy controls.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

Prime targets for attackers include:

· Availability: This will limit the users access to it hence depriving the owner of its use.

· Data: Smartphones contain sensitive and private information like credit card information and important passwords.

· Identity: Since smartphones are customizable, the device or its contents can be easily be linked to a particular person.

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Methods of Cell Phone Hacking

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

1. Use Keyloggers

A keylogger is a software that secretly monitors and records keystrokes that a targeted user keys in his or her device. The attacker can get the app installed on the victim’s phone physically. With this the spyware app will steal data before authentication then saves it for later use. Sensitive information such as passwords, bank details, and other personal data can be compromised.

2. Phishing

This technique is widely used by hackers to access phones. The attacker uses a disguised email or message as a weapon but trusted entity. The sole purpose is to trick the targeted user to reveal important information often a username and password. A classic example involves sending a tailored message claiming to the user’s financial institution. The victim is directed to a malicious site designed to look like the bank’s webpage once he or she clicks on the link given. Consequently, the victim may key in the username and password thinking it is a legitimate website. Ultimately, the hacker will have access to the victim’s account. In addition, the attacker may send embedded forms, images and URLs in attempt to bait the user.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

3. Use Trojan Horses

A Trojan is a kind of malware that is often disguised as a legitimate set of data or software. Hacker’s secretly install the malware to the victim’s device. Once the Trojan has gained access to the device, it gets embedded and thus will continue to extract data and passes it to the hackers. By modifying the security setting on a device, a Trojan horse gains administrator privileges like creating a backdoor. This enables the hacker to take control and monitor the cell phone without the user’s knowledge.

An advance trojan is capable of altering critical data on the phone’s memory in order to make any malware invincible in the file system therefore will go undetected. Additionally, a trojan horse virus can also be used to steal sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords. It has the ability to copy and modify data, making it an important tool in data theft. It will silently monitor and record the victim’s activities then transmit the information to the hacker through a remote server. The attacker may use the stolen information to make unauthorized transactions.

4. Snooping via open Wi-Fi networks

This form of attack is not unique to smartphones since often times Wi-Fi is the easiest way to access the internet. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks and public hotspots with full signal bars might just be too good to be true. An attacker may eavesdrop on Wi-Fi communications to view its unencrypted traffic to derive data. In the event that the wireless network of the user is secured

by WEP with short encryption keys the attacker can use the brute-force attack technique to get the username and password. As a result, the hacker can attack not just the phone but also the entire network it is connected to.

Additionally, an attacker could create a Wi-Fi access point with like characteristics and parameters as the real network. Considering, smartphones save the networks, one is likely to confuse between the two and thereafter connect to attacker’s network.

5. Social Engineering

This method involves the use of deception to manipulate individuals into giving personal information or performing a confidential job.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

6. SS7 attack

SS7 is a set of signaling protocols that allow phone networks to exchange information. An SS7 attack, is an exploit that takes advantage of the SS7 vulnerabilities in order to allow eavesdropping, data theft, location and text interception. All the attacker needs is the individual’s working phone number. Most times, mobile users receive authentication codes via text messages from emails or banks, if they get intercepted the hacker would gain access to personal accounts.

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7. Unauthorized access to Google account or iCloud

The two offer access to an astounding amount of data backed up from ones smartphone that includes messages, call logs, photos, phonebooks, current location, and in the case of the iCloud Keychain, saved passwords to email accounts, browsers and other apps. When hacked, the attacker finds access to all the information saved by the individual. Furthermore, a cracked Google account in turn means a cracked Gmail which is normally the primary email for most users. Email addresses are linked to a number of accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and mobile carrier accounts which can put the victim in a lot of compromising situations like identify theft.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

8. Spy apps

They aim to gather personal information without the user’s knowledge. Phone monitoring apps were created to covertly track someone’s location as well as snoop on their communications. A good number are advertised to suspicious partners or distrustful employers, however, more are marketed as a legitimate tool for safety-concerned parents to follow up on their children. Spy apps are used to remotely view text messages, call logs, internet history, emails, photos and GPS locations. Also, some may hijack the phone’s mic to record conversations made in person. Basically, these apps are very convenient to a hacker since they carry out whichever task efficiently. Spy applications that are commonly used include Spyera, FlexiSpy and SpyBubble.

9. Plain grabbing

In an instance where the attacker physically has the user’s phone, they can manage to set up a backdoor manually therefore allowing them to connect to the device. Alternatively, if there’s no rush, the hacker can copy the victim’s phone card then use it in a different phone. Thus, getting access to the messages on his or her phone as well.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

10. Malicious charging stations/ Juice-jacking

Standard USB cables can not only transfer data but also charge batteries. Once an individual’s phone is connected to a malware loaded computer, the hacker gains unauthorized access to the users private information. Older Android phones may even automatically mount the hard drive upon connection to any computer, exposing its data to an unscrupulous owner. Over time, security researchers have discovered that it is possible to hijack the video-out feature of more recent smartphones. Therefore when the phone is plugged into a malicious charge hub, the hacker can monitor every keystroke.

11. Electromagnetic Waveforms

In 2015, researchers in France demonstrated the capability to trigger the voice interface of certain phones by using particular electromagnetic waveforms. The exploit took advantage of antenna-properties of headphone wires while plugged into the audio-output jacks of the vulnerable smartphones and effectively spoofed audio input to inject commands via the audio interface.

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NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

12. Jail-breaking

Jail-breaking involves removing all restrictions imposed on an iOS device. iPhone users take control of their devices using this technique which allows them to change system settings and install applications which are not allowed on the devices. This in turn makes the device’s operating system vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. The attackers can tweak the operating system processes and run background programs exposing the device to a variety of malicious attacks.

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

13. Password Cracking

A researcher from Pennsylvania investigated the possibility of cracking someone’s password through a smudge attack which involves imaging the finger smudges on the screen to know the user’s password. Hackers can perform over-the-shoulder on victims, such as watching specific keystrokes or pattern gestures, to unlock device’s password.

15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

14. Malvertising

This is the act of inserting malware into online advertising networks that are legitimate to target several users. The ads do not look suspicious and they appear on a wide range of websites and applications. Once the targeted user clicks on this ad, the individual’s device is immediately infected with the malware.

15. Sidejacking

This can only be carried out when the attacker and victim are on the same wireless connection. The hacker can gain access of the user’s websites once they get a hold of the victim’s unencrypted cookies.

Various ways in which users can ensure cell phone security:

  • Avoid unsecured open WiFi and public hotspots since attackers often steal important information such as usernames and passwords by eavesdropping.
  • Turn off your autocomplete feature in order to prevent stored critical personal data from being accessed.
  • Regularly delete your virtual footprint for example browsing history, cookies, and cache. This reduces the amount of data that can be harvested by prying eyes.
  • Ensure your phone is password protected.
  • Do not click on suspicious links sent in emails or as text messages.
  • Constantly review your phone bills, bank statements and credit card bills.
  • Install security applications to increase protection.
  • Never leave your phone unattended.
  • Change your phone’s default code.
  • Do not write your phone number on public profiles on social media.
  • Enable ‘Find my phone’ feature to track and locate your phone immediately after you misplace it or it gets stolen.
  • Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Keep your phone’s operating system up-to-date and regularly back it up.
  • Be careful about installing applications from unknown sources.
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone
15 Ways How to Hack a Cell Phone

NB: Learning how to hack a cell phone is purely for educational purposes.

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