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15 including police injured in clashes between two sides in Madaripur

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At least 15 people, including the police, were injured in the clash between the two sides over a trivial incident in Madaripur. At this time several cocktail explosions took place. Several houses were vandalized and looted. The police brought the situation under control by firing blank bullets. 7 people including 8 ward councilor of the municipality have been arrested in this incident. This clash lasted for two and a half hours continuously from 10:00 to 11:00 on Wednesday night in Char Khagadi area of ​​Ward No. 8 of Madaripur Municipality.

Inspector (Operation) of Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station among the injured policemen. Salim Sardar, SI Rabiul Islam, ASI Masud Bepari, Constable Manowar Hossain.

According to the police and the victims, Simant Bepari, son of Sohrab Bepari of Char Khagadi area, was going to Charmugaria market on a motorcycle on Wednesday evening. Mintu Mrida’s son Ashiq Mrida’s body collided with his motorcycle. To settle the dispute of this incident, people from both sides sat for arbitration at Dulal Talukdar’s shop in Charmugaria Bazar. When the two parties got into an argument during the arbitration, a person named Sultan Sardar was hit on the head. When this news spread, people of Sardar, Mridha and Bepari clans clashed with native weapons.

Several cocktail explosions took place during the two-and-a-half-hour clash from 10 pm to 11 pm. At least 10 residences of both sides were vandalized and looted. 12 policemen including police inspector Salim Sardar were injured in the clash. Besides, 23 more people were injured on both sides. Several of them have been admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital. Additional police have been deployed to avoid untoward situation. The victims have demanded justice in this incident.

A victim woman said, ‘Suddenly I heard a fight, the men of our house live outside the country. The Thai glasses in the house have been broken.’

Local residents said, we have small boys and girls in every house here. Women are always in our house. Everyone is insecure now. How will we live in such a conflict?

Inspector (Operation) of Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station. Salim Sardar said that the police went to the spot to stop the clash. Just then, both sides started throwing bricks at the police. Several policemen were injured. Blank shots had to be fired to bring the situation under control.

OC AHS Salauddin of Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station said that 7 people including Abul Bashar Bepari, 8th Ward Councilor of Madaripur Municipality have been arrested in the incident. Additional police have been deployed in the area. The two sides clashed over a trivial incident. All those who were directly involved in this incident will be brought under the law.


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