Home Life Style Healthy Living 142 doctors-nurses are not getting salary for 8 months in Libya

142 doctors-nurses are not getting salary for 8 months in Libya

142 doctors-nurses are not getting salary for 8 months in Libya

142 doctors-nurses are in trouble after going to Libya as skilled workers. Not getting salary for eight months. The contract and residence visa are also pending. Although the terms of employment mention a probationary period of three months, the recruiting agencies claim that it is six months. The ambassador of Bangladesh said that efforts are underway to resolve the crisis. In such an event, experts are worried about the negative impact of hiring skilled workers abroad.

Libya was once one of the biggest labor markets for Bangladeshis. The labor market was reopened in 2022 after being closed for a long time due to the Arab Spring. In 2023, at the invitation of Libya, 142 health workers including doctors and nurses went to that country. Appointed in 31 government hospitals. But even after eight months, they are not getting salary.

Some of the victims said that a nurse tried to commit suicide after financial crisis. They are also suffering from food shortage. However, they do not want to be named for security reasons.

These workers were sent to Libya by Easy Services and Azure Bengal Limited. They claim that the probation period of health workers has been fixed for six months.

Kazi Abdullah Al Mamun, managing director of M/s Azure Bengal Limited, said that they will definitely get the salary. But the process is getting delayed due to legal complications.

Bangladesh’s ambassador in Tripoli, Major General Abul Hasnat Muhammad Khairul Bashar, told Independent Television that the issue was not resolved despite talking to the Libyan Ministry of Health. After that, those who will come to Libya as doctors and nurses, will come after knowing and understanding everything.

Experts say, in such an event, the migration of skilled workers abroad may have a negative impact.

BRAC Associate Director (Migration and Youth Platform) Shariful Hasan said that less than two percent of professional doctors, nurses or care givers go abroad from Bangladesh. Efforts should be made to increase this number.

21 nurses who went to Libya in 2023 have already applied to return home. Meanwhile, without resolving the previous crisis, the country again took 28 health workers last month.