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141 opposition MPs dismissed in Indian Parliament

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49 MPs were dismissed from the Parliament of India on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, 78 opposition MPs were dismissed from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha together. 14 people were killed last December 14. 141 opposition MPs were dismissed in three days.

According to Times of India, on Monday, the opposition MPs moved about the security measures of the new Parliament building in the middle of the speech of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the winter session of the Parliament. They shouted and made a lot of noise. They also started giving slogans.

This protest was led by Congress leader of Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. Trinamool and DMK MPs raised the same slogans as Congress MPs. After expressing dissatisfaction, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla dismissed 33 MPs. The same picture can be seen in the Rajya Sabha as well. Repeatedly Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar was seen warning opposition MPs. Still they didn’t stop. After that, Dhankhar dismissed 45 MPs.

Among the sacked MPs are Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Kalyan Chowdhury, Kakali Ghosh Dastidar, Prasoon Bandopadhyay, Sougat Roy, Shatabdi Roy, TR Balu, A Raja, Dayanidhi Maranra. Sukhendu Shekhar Roy, Nadimul Haque, Jairam Ramesh were dismissed from the Lok Sabha.

Last week, 14 opposition MPs were expelled from the Lok Sabha. And on Monday, 78 MPs were dismissed from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha together. And on Tuesday, 49 MPs were dismissed.

In recent times, so many MPs have been sacked at once. The winter session of the Parliament of India will continue till December 22. Until then, these suspended MPs will not be able to attend the session. Opponents say, ‘The government is trying to suppress the voice like this. But voice control will not be possible.’

The incident started last Wednesday when two unidentified persons breached the security of the Lok Sabha and entered the chamber from the audience gallery. They had a special chemical spray with them. They spread the colored smoke around the hall. After the arrest, both were handed over to the security guards. Police arrested two more people from outside the parliament. The investigation revealed that 6 people were involved in the incident.

The question of how they infiltrated the Lok Sabha chamber with a special chemical spray, bypassing the strict security system of India’s new Parliament building, started uproar in the Parliament session. Opposition MPs complained of negligence in security. They staged protests.


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