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14 ambassadors meeting with the speaker

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Bangladesh National Parliament Speaker Dr. Non-resident ambassadors of 14 countries assigned to Bangladesh paid a courtesy call on Shireen Sharmin Chowdhury MP today at his office in Sangsad Bhavan. During the meeting, they discussed the unprecedented progress of Bangladesh, recent impartial 12th National Parliament elections, development of multilateral relations, climate change, exchange of parliamentary visits, etc.

The Speaker said, ‘under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, unprecedented development has been achieved in Bangladesh in the past fifteen years. He is working tirelessly to build a developed Bangladesh through economic progress, more than 8 percent GDP, women’s economic and political empowerment, poverty eradication, expansion of education, achieving food security, building homes for the homeless and landless, successful implementation of social security programs, etc.

Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said, ‘The new government has been formed through a fair, participatory and impartial election. Apart from the 300 elected members of the unicameral Bangladesh National Parliament, there is provision for the election of 50 reserved women parliamentarians.

Speaker said, ‘It is possible to gain knowledge and experience through the exchange of visits of parliamentary delegations with different countries. The speaker urged everyone to work together on the international platform in various fields including climate change, gender discrimination, human rights.

Mongolia’s non-resident ambassador Gunbold Dambajav said, ‘Bangladesh’s economic progress is worth following. The improvement in the standard of living of common people is visible. Ambassador of the Czech Republic. Eliska Jygova said that Bangladesh is a very old friend of the Czech Republic. The beauty of Bangladesh National Parliament is very charming.

Ambassador of Gambia, Mustafa Zawara said, ‘The exchange of visits between the two countries will enrich the scope of knowledge of the representatives of both countries. It can be used by understanding the policies and laws of other countries.’

Cambodian ambassador Koy Kuong said, ‘In 1971, at the Non-Alliance Summit, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Bangladesh and the father of the nation of Cambodia, created the fear of diplomatic relations between the two countries. A successful and participatory election was recently held in Bangladesh.

Ambassador of Luxembourg Peggy Frantzen said, ‘Bangladesh is a very old ally of Luxembourg. The relationship between the two countries will be stronger by working together on the international platform.’

Ambassador of Venezuela Capaya RodrĂ­guez González said, ‘In 2022, Venezuela and Bangladesh celebrated fifty years of their friendly relations. The mutual visit of the parliamentary delegations of the two countries can contribute to the exchange of experience.

Ambassador of Botswana Gilbert Shiman Megol said, ‘People of Bangladesh are very hospitable. The natural beauty of Bangladesh is very eye-catching.

Besides, the non-resident ambassador of Hungary assigned to Bangladesh is Istvan Jayo, non-resident ambassador of Jamaica Jason K., non-resident ambassador of North Macedonia Slobodan Uzunov, non-resident ambassador of Peru Xavier Manuel Polinish Velard, non-resident ambassador of Slovakia Robert Maxian, non-resident ambassador of Slovenia Mateja Vodev Ghosh and non-resident ambassador of Uruguay. Alberto Ghani was present at the time.

Ambassadors of 14 countries interviewed the speaker for the fourth time. They all congratulated the newly-elected Speaker as Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury MP was elected Speaker of Bangladesh National Parliament. Senior officials of the Parliament Secretariat were present at this time.


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