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13-year-old Yazan next to injured Palestinians

by Afonso
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The number of patients in the European Gaza Hospital is increasing by the minute, as is the case with other hospitals in Khan Yunis, Gaza, as the Israeli attack intensified. But the authorities are struggling to manage the work due to the shortage of health workers. In this situation, only 13-year-old teenager Yazan Fasfous is working as a volunteer in the hospital.

This teenager works in the hospital packing and delivering medical supplies. Yazan is doing such a responsible job at such a young age. He is currently the youngest volunteer at the European Gaza Hospital.

Yazan’s mother, Nancy Fosfous, is a doctor at the hospital. The entire family has been forced to take refuge here since the house was destroyed by the Israeli attack. Due to the shortage of staff in the hospital during the war, Yazan is helping her mother with work every day as a volunteer.

“From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, requests for medical supplies keep coming in,” says volunteer Yazan Fasfous. I do not get a chance to sleep, sit and rest. Sometimes, if the workload is low, there is no rest for 5 minutes.

Yazan’s mother, Nancy Fosfous, says that despite his young age, Yazan is taking his role seriously. May Allah bless him. He works very hard. Seeing my workload, he himself wanted to help me. As there are few workers here, I have forced my child to work.

Nancy also said Yazan acts like an adult worker. So while working with his son, he never feels that he is doing it to a teenager.

It should be noted that since October 7, Israeli bombardment has killed about 18,000 Palestinians and injured 49,500 people. Since the beginning of the war, Hamas attacks have killed approximately 1,200 people in Israel.


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