Home News 13 cows looted at gunpoint in Pirojpur

13 cows looted at gunpoint in Pirojpur

13 cows looted at gunpoint in Pirojpur

Miscreants looted 13 cows at gunpoint from a farm in Juzhkhola village of Pirojpur Sadar Upazila. This incident of robbery happened in Sikdar Mallik Union of Upazila, a few hundred yards away from Pirojpur-Nazirpur road in the early hours of this Sunday.

The owner of the farm. Riaz Howladar said that he started the cow farm in 2017 on a relative’s land. The last farm had 7 cows and 6 calves of Friesian and Jersey breeds. He used to stay in that farm at night with a laborer. He came out of the house next to the farm after hearing the sound of cows around 3 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. At that time 3-4 people entered the house and tied their hands and eyes at gunpoint. After that, the miscreants took the cows with two pickups and escaped from there.

Md. Riaz Hawladar also said that the miscreants also forcibly took away his mobile phone. However, as everyone’s face was covered with cloth, they could not recognize anyone immediately. Riaz later untied his hands and went to a relative’s house and called 999 to report the matter to the police. In this incident, he has lost about 20 lakh rupees.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Pirojpur Sadar Police Station Mohammad Ashikuzzaman said that the police are active to catch the cow robbers in Sikdar Mallik Union. On receiving the information, Pirojpur Sadar police station visited the spot in the morning and the neighboring police stations were contacted.