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13 apps that will steal all the photos of the mobile

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The biggest threat to Android mobile users is data theft. Someone else can take control of the mobile due to clicking on various malware and links. And in this case, all the information of the phone can be stolen. That information can be used for blackmail.

Gadgets Nao, a tech-based Indian media outlet, says that various information can also be stolen due to apps installed on smartphones. For this reason, apps should be installed carefully and carefully.

McAfee published a list of 13 harmful mobile apps. They are called ‘Samalicious’. They say that if these apps are available, anyone can take control of the mobile through social engineering with the benefit of malware. It does not require the permission of the original owner of the device.

In such cases, a new app is usually installed on the phone first. Later the hacker runs all the activities through that app.

These are 13 harmful apps

  • Essential Horoscope for Android
  • 3D skin editor
  • Logo Maker Pro
  • Auto Clock Repeater
  • Count Easy Calorie Calculator
  • Sound volume extender
  • Letter link
  • Numerology: Personal Horoscope and Number Prediction
  • Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer
  • Track Your Speed
  • Sound volume booster
  • Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope and Tarot
  • Universal Calculator


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