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12 married in Dalia Jail, Kotalipara

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Dalia got married, then tortured her husbands for cabin money. In this way, he stole crores of money from his husbands by marrying 12. Now the district court of Narsingdi has sent Dalia to jail in the case filed by those husbands.

District Judge Marufa Ahmed’s court ordered to send Dalia to jail in the dowry case filed by expatriate husband Enamul in the Narsingdi District Court on Wednesday afternoon. Earlier, when he participated in the bail hearing, after arguing the arguments of both sides, he was ordered to be sent to jail.

Mamunur Rashid, the lawyer for the plaintiff, said that Dalia married more than 12 times and used to recover money by suing and torturing her husbands. When brought to the attention of the court, he was not granted bail and was sent to jail.

Mentioning this as a new instance, he said, “The prosecution of male torture has also started.”

Enamul Haque, the plaintiff in the case, said, “Daliya has stolen half a crore from him, Dalia has stolen all the income of his life abroad.

Apart from this, Dalia’s other husband, ex-army member Aminul Islam, also expressed his satisfaction and said, ‘I lost my job because of his fake marriage, the whole family was destroyed for Dalia. Demands appropriate justice.’

Another husband Rezaul Khan in Barisal said, Dalia changed ownership by taking her motorcycle to BRT by fearing dowry. Kabin has written 10 lakh taka for forced marriage, and has also collected the unearned taka. He also demanded a fair trial.’


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