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12 killed in shooting before Christmas in Mexico

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And just a few days later, the Christian religious festival of Christmas begins. Gunmen attacked a previous event in Mexico around the festival. 12 people were killed and several others were injured in the firing.

This incident happened in the city of Salvatierra in the province of Guanajuato in the early hours of Sunday morning, the authorities of the province said.

The news agency AFP reported this news.

The province’s prosecutor’s office X (formerly Twitter) said 12 people have been killed so far in the incident. Apart from this, 12 other injured people have been taken to the hospital.

Tierra Negra Foundation, a local social organization, said that the victims were young people. They were participating in a program called ‘Posadas’ before the main festival of Christmas.

A witness who participated in the event told the media that about six people entered the venue with guns. He then started talking to more than 100 youths who attended the event.

“We realized they were not invited and when they were asked who they were, they started firing,” said the eyewitness.


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