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12 killed in attempted kidnapping in Mexico

by Afonso
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At least 12 suspected terrorists have been killed in a shootout with police in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. This information was informed by the local police on Sunday. The police say that the shooting happened when a hired killer tried to snatch the child from the police.

A statement from the Sonora state attorney’s office said several other terrorists were wounded in the shooting. Besides, seven people fled from the spot.

Hitman Jesus Humberto Limon works for the Sinaloa drug cartel run by the sons of Mexican drug kingpin Jacqueline El Chapo Guzman. The terrorists carried out the attack to snatch his son from the police.

A Mexican government spokesman confirmed the death toll at 12. He said that two law enforcement officials were injured in the crossfire.

Carlos Humberto, son of Jesus Humberto, was arrested on the Camino del Seri a few minutes ago.

The local attorney’s office also said the attack targeted government representatives on a highway connecting the state capital Hermosillo with the Pacific coastal area of ​​Bahia de Kino on Saturday afternoon. But the security forces were able to repel the attack.


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