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111 workers are guarding railway track day and night in Comilla

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To prevent vandalism, the Railway Eastern Region has directed 24-hour continuous vigil over 170 km of Comilla, Comilla-Noakhali, Comilla-Chandpur railway until the elections. In addition to the railway’s own departmental officers and employees, police and Ansar members are engaged in this vigil.

Senior Assistant Engineer of Railway Comilla has confirmed that this instruction will continue from December 14 to January 7 (election day). Liaquat Ali Majumder. He said that this watch will continue day and night. 111 workers of Comilla region of engineering department will perform this duty uninterruptedly in shifts. However, as there is no trolley, the workers have to guard long distances on foot.

GRP police, Ansar and Railway security forces have joined the guard along with the railway workers. Railway Comilla station outpost in-charge Mustafa Kamal said that the same instructions have been given to the police to avoid vandalism. Along with regular patrolling, the law and order forces will provide full cooperation to the railway staff.

The security personnel say that they are doing their duty to keep the railway line safe by ignoring the cold and fog. Guard work has to be done on foot with only torch and stick.

Chittagong, Comilla, Chandpur, Noakhali route 38 trains daily. Among them, the number of passenger trains is more. However, there is no option other than this route for transporting valuable goods from Chittagong Port to the entire country. So the passengers applauded the decision of the railways to avoid vandalism.

Anwarul Haque, a passenger of Godhuli from Comilla to Dhaka, said, ‘Rail is a safe public transport. Elections have created risks in train travel. The Gazipur accident has created panic. The guarding of the railway workers is commendable.’

Banasua, Moulvinagar, Ekhlaspur, Ganipur, Aittabari, Gabua, Kagiya, Peyarapur, court station Chandpur along Gomti banks of Comilla region have been identified by railways as risk areas.


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