Home News 11 leaders and workers of BNP arrested including president of DU Chhatra Dal

11 leaders and workers of BNP arrested including president of DU Chhatra Dal

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Detective Police (DB) arrested 11 leaders and workers of BNP, including the president of Dhaka University Chhatra Dal. The police accused them of trying to sabotage the elections.

DU Chhatra Dal president Khorshed Alam Sohail and Krishak Dal convener Mehdi Hasan Palash were arrested on Wednesday. According to the information given by them, Metropolitan Detective Police raided Prime Printers in Kantaban at night. More than 50 thousand leaflets were seized from there. DB claimed that gun powder was also found at that time.

Police arrested 8 Chhatra Dal leaders and workers in the operation. Earlier, 3 more people were arrested. They are accused of trying to sabotage the election on the instructions of the central leaders.

Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police Additional Commissioner Haroon Or Rashid said, we have arrested a total of 11 people. More than 50,000 leaflets and bomb-making equipment, fresh bombs and gun powder have been recovered.

Police claimed that petrol and cocktails were also found with them as part of the sabotage preparations.

Harun Or Rashid said that they are divided into 8 parts in different areas of Dhaka city. The recovered gun powder can be used to make more than 200 bombs.

Law and order forces are on strict vigilance to prevent any sabotage attempt to disrupt the polls.


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