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10,000 Ansars are entering the field under the siege of BNP

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10,000 Ansar members are being deployed across the country to control the law and order situation during the 36-hour siege of BNP from Wednesday. This information was given in an order signed by Md. Zahirul Haque, Senior Assistant Secretary of the Political Branch-2 of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, given to the Director General of Ansar and VDP on Monday.

It has been said that 10,000 general Ansar and VDP members will be deployed across the country to provide assistance to the police force to maintain law and order at railway stations, bus stations, launch ghats, public and private important facilities and important public places from 6 am on Tuesday, December 12 to 6 pm on Wednesday, December 13. He was directed to take necessary measures for deployment.

District Magistrates will coordinate the matter, it has been informed in the notification.

BNP has once again announced a nationwide blockade program to demand elections under a non-partisan government. Last Sunday, BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi announced the blockade from 6 am on Tuesday to 6 pm on Wednesday.

The BNP called a mass meeting in the capital on October 28 to demand the government’s resignation and elections under a caretaker government. Before the start of the rally, BNP leaders and workers clashed with the police. At that time, a policeman was killed in an attack by BNP leaders and workers. BNP leaders-activists attacked the Chief Justice’s residence and the Judges Complex and Rajarbagh Central Police Hospital.

Since the day after this incident, the party has been holding strike and blockade program almost continuously. In connection with the October 28 violence, the party’s general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and several central leaders were arrested.

BNP’s strike-blockade programs were also not peaceful. At this time, about three hundred vehicles were set on fire across the country.

The Election Commission has announced the schedule for the 12th National Assembly elections on November 15 amid the ongoing strike-blockade of BNP. According to the schedule, the vote will be held on January 7.

BNP rejected this schedule. Among the 44 registered political parties in the country, 29 political parties including Awami League-National Party are participating in the elections. And 15 parties including BNP are not in this election.

However, even though BNP is not in the election, many of the party’s former members of parliament are participating in the election with independent and other party nominations. BNP has already expelled these leaders and workers from the party.


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